How Dynamic Creative Optimization Makes Personalization Easy

The average consumer is exposed to 4,000 – 10,000 ads per day. Standing out among the noise can be challenging, especially as consumers demand more personalization in the ads they see. According to McKinsey, 71% of consumers expect personalized interactions from the companies they interact with. While this represents a large percentage of all generations, […]


Cookieless Programmatic Transactions: Spotlight on User Identifiers

User identification across the programmatic chain is critical to allow for targeting and other features. With third-party cookie based user identification disappearing, many new providers and initiatives have emerged to allow for shared user identification. What do buyers and sellers need to know about user identifiers?


Reaching Travel Enthusiasts, Made Easy

With travel remaining a high priority for many, it’s more important than ever for marketers to pay attention to changing expectations. We can help you identify the best strategy to connect with travelers throughout the planning lifecycle.


Q&A: Equativ and Audiencerate Partner to Help Advertisers Target More Effectively

Our partnership with Audiencerate brings expanded data and audience-targeting solutions to our Data Marketplace. We spoke with Alvaro Megias, Head of Supply Operations and Marketing at Audiencerate, to discuss their capabilities, our partnership, and more.


Cannes Cool Off: Three Topics That Took Center Stage

The 2022 Cannes Lions returned with a roar and the adtech industry’s presence was powerful. We recap the key topics that had people talking all week long.


Equativ Accelerates CTV Growth With Strategic Investment for a Significant Stake in Nowtilus

Strategic investment in Nowtilus and its, a server-side dynamic ad insertion (SSAI) platform, will power Equativ’s addressable live TV advertising for broadcasters, rights owners, distributors and operators. 


Reach Engaged Back-To-School Shoppers With Ease

Last year, combined back-to-school/college spending in the US totaled just over $108B, making it one of the largest seasonal shopping events aside from Christmas and Black Friday. On average, parents make 16 shopping trips related to back-to-school purchases each season. Back-to-school campaign ROI continues to grow. A 2020 study showed a 300% Y-O-Y increase in […]


Leverage the Power of Sports to Connect With Fans

Whether it’s the joy in winning or the despair in loss, passion is what unites sports fans across the globe. With the rise of athlete-brand partnerships, the robust growth around esports, and the introduction of new content formats, marketers have more options than ever for connecting with this passionate group of consumers.


Smart’s Inventory is Now Automatically Synched with DV360 Buyer Seats

Buyers can now automatically synchronize all deal types created on our platform through an integration with the DV360 API.