Case Studies

Havas & Equativ: Partnering to Decrease Ad Emissions and Increase Ad Performance

Cutting campaign emissions by about 25%, Havas and Havas City Nantes have proven the power of precise carbon measurement in enabling more sustainable online advertising.


Greenmetrics Methodology Behind New EBC Segments

Our collaboration with Greenmetrics allows buyers to access campaigns via sustainable inventory. Today you can purchase custom and pre-packaged sustainable multi-publisher deals, which allow you to curb CO2e emissions while meeting your KPIs.


CO2 Measurement: What You Should Know About The Calculation Methodology Framework Updates

The Reference Framework for Calculating the Carbon Footprint of Digital Campaigns provides a common framework for calculating the CO2 footprint of digital campaigns. Here’s what you need to know.


What’s New With US Privacy Regulations?

New state privacy regulations going into effect in 2023 create a range of consumer privacy rights linked to the storing and selling of sensitive information.┬áHere’s what you need to know.