Sell SideĀ 
366 is the trade body of all the French Regional Daily Newspapers. It sells print, web and mobile offers to national and multi-local markets. For several years, 366 has been working in close collaboration with Smart to monetize their web and in-app inventories.

Buy Side
Havas works on behalf of several advertisers and operates performance-based campaigns via direct deals.

The two entities work together to meet the needs of a major French financial/online gaming advertiser.


The challenges faced in these campaigns were:

  • Achieving the campaign KPIs expected by the advertiser, in particular the CTR and viewability.
  • Efficiently operating the campaign on the SSP via direct programmatic deals, limiting the time spent by operational teams in setting up the campaign.
  • Monitoring deal performance in real-time and optimizing it during the campaign.


The 366 sales house – in full-stack with Google – chose to operate this campaign on the Smart SSP, which provides a powerful suite of tools to operate the campaign efficiently.

  • A user-friendly console that enables easy creation, monitoring and resolution of deal delivery problems.
  • Real-time reporting to view and optimize deal performance a few minutes after its activation.
  • Targeting based on predicted views. Smart offers a solution based on deep learning, allowing real-time analysis of more than 25 criteria related to an advertising location and viewability rate prediction.

“The relevance of 366 inventories, combined with the targeting defined for these programmatic deals, allowed us to quickly reach our campaign objectives (clicks and viewability) and to exceed them for certain formats.”
Amina Lahmamssi
Amina LahmamssiProgrammatic Account Manager


  • The campaign KPIs were met or exceeded on some key formats.
  • CTR expected by the advertiser reached.

Average viewability rate
Time saved vs. other SSPs to operate and run the campaign

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