100% of the budget used and 100% of the impressions delivered

2 major additional campaigns booked for 2020

The Mobile ad tech pioneer madvertise has been active on the market since 2008 and is known for its groundbreaking mobile advertising solutions and products. As a premium publisher, madvertise specializes in innovative branding solutions with activating forms of advertising such as rich media, pre-rolls and exclusive special placements for mobile devices. Thanks to their in-house creative department, the focus is on creative mobile conception with extraordinary special formats. Performance- based solutions and programmatic deals complete the offer.

The Challenge

An upcoming strategic campaign needed to be delivered on Madvertise inventory with an objective of branding and awareness. The campaign was planned for Christmas, a high-demand period for Madvertise’s buyers, which limits their inventory availability and could jeopardize the campaign delivery

The Solution

Programmatic Guaranteed

Madvertise is using Smart as their preferred full-stack partner (ad serving + SSP) to manage all their ad campaigns, and as their primary SSP to manage their programmatic deals. To deliver the campaign, madvertise created a Programmatic Guaranteed deal within Smart’s platform.

The choice of Programmatic Guaranteed over Private Marketplace

Compared to traditional Private Marketplace, Programmatic Guaranteed is a commitment for both the buy-side and sell-side. They both agree on a guaranteed volume of impressions at a fixed price. On the publisher-side, Smart ad serving activity enabled madvertise to accurately forecast their available inventory for this specific campaign. On the Buy-side, the trading desk committed to buying 100% of the delivered impressions. This means madvertise was able to ensure to the advertiser the full delivery of the campaign while receiving its full budget at the end.

The choice of Programmatic Guaranteed over Direct Campaigns

Madvertise was dealing with a programmatic trading desk that does not run IO-based campaigns. Without PG, madvertise could have missed their budget. Moreover, the campaign was quicker to launch in comparison to direct pipes. For the trading desk, that also meant they were able to handle all of their campaigns in the same place and better manage their ad frequency.

“PG allowed us to set aside a near-fixed volume for the client during a heavily booked time over Christmas. Based on 3rd party measurements, we were able to optimize the inventory toward KPIs, such as viewability, in order to fulfill the client’s requirements and still serve deals and private marketplaces with other partners in our premium network. Neither the overlapping of two similar campaigns nor a creative switch by mid-campaign had a negative impact.”

Benjamin Rose

Programmatic Specialist, madvertise

The Results

  • 100% of the budget was used and 100% of the impressions were delivered.
  • Due to existing workflows with the client, the two campaigns started immediately and on the requested dates.
  • As a result, two major campaigns have been booked for the year 2020.
  • In December 2019, one PG deal represented 47% of Madvertise’s deal revenue.

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