A large pharmaceutical company came to us to help them target US Hispanic inventory in Mexico.

The client’s goal was to run a targeted branding campaign to improve their brand’s top-of-mind awareness in strategic DMAs and increase the volume of traffic on their e-commerce store.


To improve their top-of-mind strategy, the client decided to launch always-on deals running on in-stream video inventory.

  • The deal objective was 70% of video completion rate
  • DMA targeting allowed them to focus on Mexico City as intended
  • For brand safety they used DV360 and IAS pixels for double checking


Despite the usual difficulties in targeting US Hispanic inventory, SBC’s considerable reach allowed the client to buy on this inventory and have campaigns run smoothly while greatly exceeding the 70% completion rate objective to reach 82% on average.

The client cited Smart Buyer Connect’s very intuitive interface, fast display of analytics, and 100% fraud-free inventory as key features that helped greatly facilitate the creation of Deal IDs.

Completion rate on average
US Hispanic inventory

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