Planet Media is an independent digital media group that has established itself as the French content publishing leader for Seniors. Their five brands –, Medisite, E-sante, Alpen Editions and Zest Retraite – count more than 11 million monthly readers and 4 million qualified subscribers.

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The Challenge

  • Maximize global revenues across all channels, direct and programmatic.
  • Overcome the main technical challenges in adding Google AdX as a demand source in holistic competition in real-time.

The Solution

  • Implement Google AdX demand through Smart’s platform.
  • This competition is fully transparent and agnostic: no self-preferencing and no conflict of interest.
  • Smart’s adserver and SSP now enable a full holistic yield competition between header bidding, RTB+, direct, and Google AdX demand.
  • Planet Media was able to maximize demand due to real-time transparent competition between all demand sources; Smart global DSP connections, server-side integrations, header-bidding connections, and Google AdX demand to achieve a 100% fill rate.
  • Smart supported Planet Media in the entire implementation of this new solution.

One of the challenges of digital monetization is the implementation of an effective holistic competition. Smart, an independent French adtech player, has been able to develop a powerful and agnostic adserver allowing publishers to put in competition Smart’s own RTB demand with other SSP partners’ demand through header bidding. On top of that, Smart also allowed us to benefit from Google AdX demand, which is somewhat unusual when GAM is not the primary adserver, but really valuable for us. This new mechanism simply let us get the best price for each impression, the ultimate fgoal for any publisher.

Thierry Philippet, Programmatic Director – Planet Media

The Results

  • +20% on average gross RPM. The uplift on gross RPM goes from 2% to 60%.
  • 26% of total average revenue from GAM. 
  • A premium demand which enables high incremental value added.

Planet Media Google AdX Case Study

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