Retail Media: What Marketers Should Know

If current trends hold steady, retail media ad spending is well-positioned to surpass traditional TV spending by 2025. Here’s what you need to know.


Taking the First Steps Toward Sustainability

Measuring, monitoring, and reducing the CO2 emissions of the entire digital advertising delivery process is a great start when it comes to sustainability.


Q&A: Anzu on The State of In-Game Advertising

The monetization potential of in-game advertising is clear. We recently spoke with Anzu about the state of in-game advertising and the opportunity it presents.


Equativ and LiveRamp Continue to Drive Advanced Personalization and Targeting Capabilities

Equativ and LiveRamp’s ongoing partnership has always focused on the shared idea of advancing digital advertising and targeting solutions. With many publishers and brands already benefiting from cookieless transitions – and with a cookieless future rapidly approaching for everyone else – Equativ and LiveRamp continue to empower buyers and sellers with access to the full potential of their customer and audience insights.


Summer Campaign Targeting Made Easy

With summer fast approaching, you need turnkey solutions to reach engaged consumers. We look at three key audience segments to target with your summer advertising campaigns and the best way to reach them.


Equativ announces strategic partnership renewal with Seedtag and the extension of their contextual AI solution into Equativ’s curation offering

Seedtag has selected Equativ’s curation platform to enrich its contextual targeting solution with the power of Equativ’s targeting capabilities and premium ecosystem. The common goal of this partnership is to empower buyers to engage with relevant audiences across brand-suitable premium content with full respect to their data privacy. 


Guide to Sustainable Advertising Campaigns

Advertising isn’t an inherently green industry. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to work towards becoming more sustainable. Download our sustainability guide for ways you can begin creating more sustainable advertising campaigns.


How Dynamic Creative Optimization Makes Personalization Easy

The average consumer is exposed to 4,000 – 10,000 ads per day and standing out among the noise can be challenging. For marketers, the benefits of personalization are clear, and dynamic creative optimization is a great way to make it easy. Here’s what you need to know about DCO.


Equativ’s curation platform + Qortex’s exclusive access to intrinsic in-game inventory within Minecraft and other virtual environments help bring advertisers closer to gaming audiences

By activating Qortex’s unique in-game placement integrations, buyers will now have access to one of the largest global gaming environments. Ads placed within gaming environments have nearly 100% viewability and buyers will be able to leverage Equativ’s curation platform to apply additional campaign targeting, maximize in-game ad investment and performance, and seamlessly reach their strategic audiences through more innovative and engaged environments.