Meet Our Leadership Team


“We have been an innovator for over two decades and we’ve always believed the value chain shouldn’t be divided between supply and demand, but rather an efficient marketplace where both interact harmoniously. We provide all players in the ad tech value chain with a complete range of responsive and efficient tools to take back control of their advertising activities while ensuring data protection, operational excellence, and the best user experience.”

Arnaud Creput, CEO, Equativ

Our story

Leadership Team

Arnaud Créput
Chief Executive Officer

Nicolas de Robert
Chief Technology Officer

Parag Vohra
Chief Revenue Officer

Teiffyon Parry
Chief Strategy Officer

Jean Christophe Peube
Chief Operating Officer

Catherine Marly
Legal Director

Quentin Michon
Chief Financial Officer

Antoine Mesuré
Chief HR Officer

Grégory Cornuz
Chief Product Officer

Marisa Nelson
EVP, Marketing & Communications

Lionel Bensoussan
EVP, North America

Céline Gauthier-Darnis

Emir Teffaha
EVP, Europe

Strategic Advisory Board

Catherine Sullivan
Strategic Advisor

Mainardo de Nardis
Strategic Advisor

Greg Coleman
Strategic Advisor

Mykim Chikli
Strategic Advisor

Christophe Parcot
Strategic Advisor

Country Managing Directors

Mike Sadicario
Managing Director, North America

Khalil Yaghi
Managing Director, Brazil

Ana Jimenez
Co-Managing Director, Mexico

Alexandre Tordjman
Co-Managing Director, Mexico

Wei Hsueh
Managing Director, APAC

Veronique Pican
Managing Director, France

Pierce Cook-Anderson
Managing Director, Northern Europe

Lasse Nordsiek
Managing Director, DACH

Maximilian Weigel
Managing Director, DACH & CEE

Juanma Alvarez
Managing Director, Spain

Federico Troiani
Co-Managing Director, Italy

Andrea Galtieri
Co-Managing Director, Italy