Smart and Captify Discuss the Future of a New Consent Economy Era

As the end of the third-party cookie approaches, the ad tech industry is shifting towards a new consent economy era.  At our Winter AdTech Virtual Event, Smart CEO Arnaud Créput sat down with Captify CEO Dominic Joseph to discuss:

  • the elimination of third-party cookies
  • the complexity it has created in the digital ecosystem; and
  • what the future holds in this new consent economy.

Watch the Panel Recording below:

Goodbye Cookies

Advertisers and publishers must recognize this as urgent and act

“Brands, publishers and agencies all need to adapt for the new world. There’s been a lot of talk about contextual, but that’s just one targeting option. From a brands perspective, I believe there is going to be even greater demand for valuable, intent driven data in a post-cookie world. From a publisher perspective, they need to work out what they can do with their own data and how to best monetize it to improve the yield of their own inventory,” said Joseph.

The industry will benefit from coming together

“Once regulations go out, it takes more time and effort to make changes to the way they work,” said Créput. “It will be important to participate during the creation of things, such as the privacy sandbox, to ensure they are fully open to third-party publishers and advertisers. Marketers are looking to work with players that can offer quality and scale, but also transparency.”

Identify the Best Mix

The elimination of third-party cookies will bring about more demand than ever for combining quality and compliant data with great inventory and there’s been a lot of innovation in the industry to create boundary breaking technologies. New targeting solutions are just one of the ways independent players are offering marketers solutions without using data in ways that compromise assets.

Créput said, “From a marketer’s point of view, get closer to first-party data. Integrate new targeting solutions and prepare for the future. Being able to integrate semantic contextual solutions increases understanding of performance targeting. Semantic and contextual can be quickly ramped up.”

Accelerating the Future of Privacy on the Web

Smart and Captify have embraced the changes in the cookie landscape and partnered to offer a programmatic solution that enables traders, agencies and brands to buy enriched media directly from a Deal ID. The self-service platform allows clients to query rich search data to create segments that are used to create enriched Deal IDs on Smart’s SSP.

Brands can query the search data, look at trends and the overlap of their own first-party data with our search data to create their own custom audiences, which we then combine with Smart’s media to create those Deal IDs. Our partnership with Smart is a fantastic example of independent partners solving challenges on both sides of the ecosystem, working around changes to bring to the market new solutions without reliance on third-party cookies,” said Joseph.

“This vertical integration is the best answer to the end of third-party cookies,” said Créput. “Getting closer to publisher first-party data allows for deep audience discovery, media planning and deal management at the SSP level. Supply path optimization enables buyers to activate everything at the SSP level with less intermediaries on a cost-efficient platform.”

Learn more about the Smart and Captify partnership