Sustainability is a topic the advertising industry can’t ignore. As we continue to hear advertisers express a desire to become more responsible, we’ve partnered with Greenmetrics to develop a programmatic solution to measure and reduce carbon emissions while delivering sustainably labeled inventory.

Our collaboration with Greenmetrics allows buyers to access campaigns via sustainable inventory. Our domains are categorized based on energy efficiency and performance. Today you can purchase custom and pre-packaged sustainable multi-publisher deals, which allow you to curb CO2e emissions while meeting your KPIs.

The Greenmetrics Methodology

Greenmetrics’ Web-Impact-Score rating reflects a website’s environmental and social footprint. Certified by Bureau Veritas to ISO 14067, this score results from two years of advanced research. It stands as a solid benchmark for responsible digital practices adopted by brands and companies.

The Web-Impact-Score mirrors a site’s actions, evolving as the website grows. Adding content can influence it positively or negatively, necessitating continuous monitoring and impact mitigation.

To determine a Web-Impact-Score, Greenmetrics takes three factors into account: environment, sobriety, and performance.

Environmental Impact

  • Website hosting: the environmental footprint at this level is assessed on the basis of server uptime and the volume of content sent to the web interface.
  • Data transmission: considers interactions necessitating data transfer to the network and server.
  • Browsing device: simulates energy demand based on device type, geographical position, connection, and lifecycle impact.
  • Moreover, the choice of hosting provider influences the score, with renewable energy sources enhancing the Web-Impact- Score.

Digital Sobriety

  • This involves minimizing environmental impact by simplifying usage and integrating an eco-designed website. Eco-designed interfaces improve digital accessibility and adaptability.


  • CSS Code: evaluation based on structure and complexity.
  • Web Page Quality: measured using Google’s Core Web Vitals and assessing user experience.
  • Website Complexity: analyzed through page weight, HTTP requests, and DOM (Document Object Model) size.

Greenmetrics Segments Now In EBC

In a world moving towards sustainable practices, the Greenmetrics methodology brings advertisers closer to responsible digital actions. It’s not just about reducing emissions; it’s about building a more sustainable advertising landscape.

We’re pleased to now offer Greenmetrics segments on our Equativ Buyer Connect (EBC) Platform. With this option in EBC, buyers are now able to select low-carbon emissions inventory while retaining complete control over their campaign performance.

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