Discussions around privacy regulations really began to take off with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU in 2016. When the US introduced the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in 2018, the conversation continued to grow, especially as other states began to adopt similar acts.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Global Privacy Platform (GPP) seeks to consolidate these technical privacy standards by incorporating all common purposes.

What’s In The Scope Of This Privacy Platform?

The GPP is an IAB specification helping all stakeholders in digital advertising support regional privacy regulations more easily. GPP streamlines the transmission of privacy and consent signals from sites and apps across jurisdictions to ad tech providers.

GPP currently supports the following consent strings:


The IAB CCPA Compliance Framework comprises policies and technical work supporting the CCPA. The Act was primarily enacted to provide transparency and control around users’ personal information in California.


The IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework aims to regulate and rule transparency in the EU. It covers all that comply with EU rules on data protection and privacy – most notably the GDPR.


The IAB Canada Transparency and Consent Framework ensures that all ad tech players are working legally with personal data in the Canadian market. It creates an environment where publishers can inform consumers what data is being collected when they visit their website and how they and the companies they partner with intend to use it.

What We Are Doing In Regard To The GPP

As of Q1 2023, we read and transport GPP fields to third-parties (demand partners and others) and log the applicable jurisdictions so you will need to ensure that your CMP is compliant with this new privacy management standard.

The Display SDK now depends on the latest Google Play services location library 21.0.1, which contains a patch to fix the API breaking change that induced a crash with Display SDK version 7.20.0 and earlier. The Display SDK is now certified for IAB Open Measurement SDK 1.4.

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