Capturing consumer attention has always been top of mind for advertisers. Ads may be visible on the screen, but how can you be sure that people are actively paying attention? In today’s crowded advertising ecosystem, only 4 out of 100 ads receive more than 1 second of attention.

Viewability – which measures if an ad is at least 50% on-screen for one or two seconds – and completion rate – which determines if a video is played despite being on mute or the user’s page visibility – were introduced over a decade ago and more effectively measured ROI in a time when the ecosystem was less complex.

While these KPIs are still solid stepping-stones in understanding campaign effectiveness, today’s advertisers need to know if their audience is truly engaged and if the intended message is indeed delivered. Attention, a metric that evaluates how effectively an ad captures and maintains viewer interest through a range of probabilistic and deterministic factors, has begun to gain traction as an alternative. In fact, almost 96% of advertisers worldwide started using attention metrics in at least some of their buys this year.

Assess media quality by measuring attention

By relying on both deterministic metrics – such as ad placement, creative size, or ad screen coverage – and powerful probabilistic techniques like eye-tracking analysis on thousands of panelists, you can generate an attention score that efficiently determines the optimal ad placement based on your strategy.

Our attention measurement offering can help you understand the impact of your ad, refine ad delivery, and optimize your ad investment in three easy steps:

1. We measure your campaign’s attention through the technology of leading providers no matter the environment or the format.

2. Our team continuously optimizes your campaign in real-time by removing the ad placements with the lowest scores.

3. At the end of your campaign, you get a comprehensive report featuring key attention metrics to help you understand how well the campaign performed.

Leverage high-attention PMPs to maximize ad outcomes

We understand the importance of prioritizing quality over quantity on your own terms. That’s why our curation platform, Equativ Buyer Connect, features an intuitive UI that gives you the ability to create PMPs that suit your needs. You’ll be able to target medium and high-attention segments or exclude low-attention inventory to achieve the level of attention that best fits the needs of your campaign.

Cookie deprecation will make it challenging for buyers to reach target audiences and capture and track consumer interest. Because attention metrics don’t rely on consumer data, they provide a privacy-first alternative way for brands to reach and engage consumers and measure the effectiveness of their creative and ad placement.

Ready to start testing attention?