I’m pleased to announce our acquisition of DynAdmic, a leading integrated video advertising marketplace with enhanced contextual targeting capabilities, to further accelerate our strategic efforts around video and TV. As two of the most critical shifts in our industry today are data privacy and cookie-free advertising on one hand and the growth of CTV/AVOD content and viewership on the other hand, this partnership is a natural evolution for us.

At Smart, we’ve always been committed to brining publishers and buyers closer together. We strive to provide the best in class tech solutions to meet the changing needs of advertisers, agencies, publishers and content owners. With almost a decade of video and advanced TV expertise, DynAdmic’s business is fully aligned with our strategic goals and strongly complements Smart’s existing offering. This partnership not only strengthens our current capabilities, but also deepens our commitment to serving our clients.

With DynAdmic’s team and expertise, clients will now have access to powerful proprietary cookie-free “real-time interest” contextual targeting technology for audio and video. Leveraging the combined technology and expertise of both teams creates an enhanced layer of service to our media solutions offering in order to provide more performance to media buyers.

What this means for Smart’s publisher clients and prospects:

  • Publishers will have preferred and direct access to media spend and exclusive CTV demand through a new monetization channel within Smart’s platform – all while being able to maintain transparency and control.
  • Publishers will benefit from an enlarged media services organization to further monetize their inventory through managed IO, PG, and auction packages.

What this means for Smart’s advertiser clients and prospects:

  • Smart’s existing buy-side tools combined with DynAdmic’s expertise will deliver significant value to large media buyers who are willing to operate at scale through transparent and traceable self-service tools.
  • DynAdmic’s technology and service organization combined with Smart’s publisher and geographical coverage will help direct buyers and agencies reach greater levels of performance, efficiency, and scale.

Maintaining our reputation as a scale independent alternative in the ad tech landscape remains core to our DNA. Today, I am welcoming the DynAdmic team as they join us on that journey. I look forward to everything we will achieve together and the greater possibilities we can provide to our current and future clients.