We support solutions to these problems with a partner-specific external user ID which is attached to the ad call and included in the bid request. Equativ is agnostic with any Alternative ID provider and especially the Criteo ID.

The Criteo ID for Exchanges module enables publishers to access Criteo’s unique demand – more than 20,000 advertisers & brands – to monetize their exchange inventory with an optimal take rate across all browsing environments.

We have several publishers who have begun to test it.

The objectives of alternative IDs:

  • Find the best way to override the deprecation of third-party cookies
  • Deliver personalized ads to the right user, while respecting privacy and consent choices
  • Access to more demand with no blockage on bids in case of no cookie match

Where We Stand

We encourage our publishers to adopt Criteo in order to increase their revenue without third-party cookies.

Looking at auction excluding third-party cookies, here is a snapshot of where we stand:

  • 33% of auctions at Equativ include at least one vendor.
  • 5% of auctions at Equativ include the Criteo ID.

“We have been partners with Equativ since the beginning of PremiumAds, and together, we have come up with several solutions for our network. Every year, we have grown the results with excellent service, and especially this year thanks to the Criteo ID. Now we are very happy to say that the total growth has been breaking records. Thanks for the partnership, Equativ.”

Leandro Lanceloti 
Co-founder and CEO, PremiumAds 

“We have had a solid partnership with Equativ for years. As one of the few in the market with a full stack solution, together we were able to develop projects that started in a coffee break chat to monetize billions of impressions. With the solution we have implemented this year suggested by them, and especially the Criteo ID, we had a monthly increase in revenue of 30%.
We have the confidence to always listen to what is proposed because we know that it is something exclusively designed according to our needs.”

Jhonatas Bispo
CEO, Gridmidia