Equativ and Anzu Host A Night of Discussion On The Future Of Gaming

We recently gathered: Zoe Soon, VP of Experience Center, IAB; Andrew Cassin, Senior Director, Agency & Enterprise, Equativ; Aditi Ramesh, Director of Partnerships & Programmatic, Anzu; Vanessa Eng, VP, Programmatic Revenue Strategy & Operations, Enthusiast Gaming; and Zach Kubin, Co-Founder & VP of Sales, Adelaide for an evening of discussion around the future of gaming.

Panelists discussed:

– The evolution of the gaming audience
– The challenges of measurement
– Attention and its potential as a currency
– Their predictions for the year ahead

Watch the entire discussion or check out some of the key highlights below:

Q: How do you see the gaming audience evolving over the next year?

“The gaming audience is obviously very large. So big. But, the opportunity here is how to make them an addressable audience that you can then target. How do we make that visible? How do we make that accessible? How we make that targetable is really what we need to do now, ” – Aditi

“Gaming is obviously an environment that’s very heavily geared towards an attentive experience. One of the things we see about audiences if that audiences that are younger typically pay less attention than older audiences. So, how do you – as a marketer, as an advertiser – think about ways to reach these folks where their attention is? Creating the right environments. They want to get on to the next thing. How do you add value to that experience? That’s something that we’re thinking about.” – Zach

Q: What do you think some of the challenges are going to be in 2024?

“I think the biggest problem and challenge that we’ll have really is just education and continuing to educate. And collaboration. I think the reality is we haven’t spent enough time as an industry collaborating on things. Getting gaming advertising in general to where it could be a year from now takes conversation. At the end of the day imagine where we could be in other industries and how far we could be moving in the channels that are talked about so much today if there was just more collaboration between industry players that maybe are in competitive sets, but bring value to the supply chain and bring value to clients on both sides of the space.” – Andrew

“When you put media in a gaming environment, what are the outcomes that your clients are after? One of the things we’re challenged with is how do we put our measurement into an environment that is, frankly, not easy to measure.” – Zach

“When I think about mobile, which we never thought was going to overtake desktop when it came out because it’s a tiny screen and people didn’t know what its purpose was. But, because there was so much consumer demand and so much consumer attention and time spent, we worked out the problems and challenges. I think a similar thing will happen with gaming. So much attention and time are going to gaming that we’ll just have to work it out.” – Zoe

Q: What key wish do you have for the next year as it relates to advertising and gaming?

“More standardization. Because on the flip side to that, I feel there’s a lack of consistency in terms of how different brands and agencies are defining what that specific success KPI looks like. I think it’s going to cause a bit of confusion – specifically on the publisher side – because there are going to be different value points in terms of how they want it to be measured. I think as a publisher, it’s going to be a bit trickier in terms of where those ads are being placed and, depending on the supply that you have or the sites you have, or the games that you have, we’re going to have to take a bit more effort into understanding how to get out of that.” – Vanessa

“I would love to see every single DSP have an intrinsic in-game workflow guide. Just like how you have for CTV, for direct out of home. Make it for gaming. The supply will start to come.” – Aditi

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