To advance our industry toward sustainable practices, collaboration is crucial. Ongoing education and a steadfast commitment to sustainability are vital to achieving meaningful action. While the development and adoption of innovative sustainable technologies, practices, and policy adjustments is a long journey, it’s one we are committed to.

Over the past year we identified key areas in which we could apply energy efficiency measures and focused on how to apply emission-reducing solutions across the industry. And, as part of our 2024 strategic initiative, we have committed to seamless integrating carbon-reduced digital campaigns into our operations to achieve our environmental objectives.

In the report below, we take a look at the key sustainability initiatives we focused on in 2023 and more details on our vision for the continued steps we plan to take in 2024.

When it comes to sustainability, we are stronger when we partner with others. We’re feeling optimistic about the progress we’re seeing across the industry and look forward to continued collaboration to drive meaningful change and make this vision a reality.

At Equativ, we act individually and together to try and make a difference, to contribute to a more sustainable future, a more caring work environment, and a fairer industry.

Learn more about the first steps in our sustainability journey