Equativ and LiveRamp’s ongoing partnership has always focused on the shared idea of advancing digital advertising and targeting solutions. With many publishers and brands already benefiting from cookieless transitions – and with a cookieless future rapidly approaching for everyone else – Equativ and LiveRamp continue to empower buyers and sellers with access to the full potential of their customer and audience insights.

Some of the highlights of the partnership include:

  • RampID Support
    LiveRamp’s people-based identifier gives individuals choice and provides an authenticated-based approach to advertising. RampID is not only available on the bid stream but also enables advertisers to find the audiences they want everywhere they want, programmatically or directly.

    With RampID, marketers can engage the right audiences across channels and devices, and optimize media spend, while also benefitting from the strongest security and controls, enabling publishers and marketers to build for the long term.
  • LiveRamp Data Marketplace
    A direct connection to the leading data marketplace empowers our advertisers and publishers to activate data segments from hundreds of third-party vendors through LiveRamp’s expansive integrated partner network.

    These valuable audience and data targeting capabilities enable hyper-targeted delivery of personalized ads across the open web resulting in better ad outcomes for buyers, sellers, and ad viewers.
  • First-Party Data Activation
    Both advertiser and publisher customers can leverage the existing partnership to onboard and activate their first-party data across Equativ platforms for custom audience creation and targeting – in the US and EMEA currently and also LATAM very soon.
  • Curation Enablement
    Publishers, advertisers, and data owners can build new revenue opportunities through the Equativ curation platform by building audience-based curated marketplaces leveraging Equativ’s premium media and reselling capabilities. Data vendors working with LiveRamp can leverage the existing data infrastructure to explore curation capabilities by combining their data with Equativ’s premium inventory.

“We expect to see identity and addressability enter a new spotlight in every market as marketers look for truly global identity solutions,” said Travis Clinger, SVP of Activations and Addressability at LiveRamp. “With regulatory bodies across the world paying close attention to data privacy and security, and rightfully so, marketers will prioritize solutions that are nimble and have the foresight to put the consumer first.”

“LiveRamp’s RampID has the largest active cookieless footprint of all IDs in the market and our partnership is strategic to Equativ’s commitment to fully support a range of IDs and ensure high-precision reach through data activation,” said Julia Bemis, Director of Platform Partnerships at Equativ. “Having independent players working together to provide advertisers with the tools required to maximize the efficiencies of programmatic buying and publishers to reap the revenue rewards are the key components to give power back to the open web in an ecosystem too long governed by the big platforms.”

“Regardless of whether or not they’ve already begun their cookieless transition, marketers, publishers, and other stakeholders should be prioritizing more durability in the face of changing signals, and more commitment to individual privacy – things which outdated solutions like the third-party cookies cannot provide,” said Clinger. “RampID was designed as interoperable infrastructure for everyone, enabling marketers to feel comfortable that they are making the right decisions now to power their digital marketing in years to come.”

This partnership demonstrates a continued commitment by both parties to helping customers reach the right consumers to achieve their business goals in a cookieless world, while also respecting consumer consent and privacy.