Partnership allows brands to maintain brand alignment while
unlocking larger audiences without broad over-exclusions

New York, Paris & London, 31st January 2023Equativ, the global leading independent ad platform, announced today that it has partnered exclusively with Seekr, an artificial intelligence company specializing in transparent content evaluation and generation, to give brands greater reach and unprecedented visibility into the suitability of content within its brand safe environments.

The partnership, which is Seekr’s first integration with a supply side platform, enables Equativ’s clients to identify more brand-suitable advertising opportunities within its premium, brand-safe inventory. Equativ clients can leverage Seekr’s content analysis and scoring capabilities in their private marketplaces to offer advertisers highly desirable brand-suitable environments, enabling them to expand their audience reach, which ultimately benefits both advertisers and responsible publishers. 

Seekr is an industry leader in responsible, trusted, explainable AI. The company combines its expertise in web-scale search, content processing, pattern recognition, and signals analysis with a task-oriented large language model that truly understands language – not only the meaning of words, but also context and nuance in both written text and spoken language. Seekr’s proprietary AI algorithms detect a variety of signals in online content that indicate the presence of brand suitability risk. These signals include clickbait, unattributed or poorly sourced assertions, hostility and incivility, subjectivity, and exaggeration, among others.

Equativ’s partnership with Seekr solves a persistent pain point in ad tech: the challenge of evaluating content at scale with contextual clarity and transparency. Conventional brand-safety solutions have employed blunt, overly broad approaches that are unreliable and confusing. This confusion creates paralysis by analysis for brands, depriving advertisers of high-value impressions – even entire categories – while costing publishers nearly $3 billion in lost revenue. 

These challenges are exacerbated by the proliferation of Made for Advertising sites – websites that prioritize revenue over content quality, and subsequently diminish the credibility of brands and reduce the effectiveness of ad campaigns.

“The industry is crying out for ways to address advertising’s effectiveness issues, while maintaining quality inventory,” said Gregg Rogers, Senior Director, Curation and Demand Partnerships at Equativ. “Our commitment to addressing this challenge means we’re determined to maximize the value that direct access to our quality, brand-suitable inventory offers. Our partnership with Seekr is a big step forward in cleaning up digital advertising because it gives advertisers more transparency and contextual clarity into online content, which brands need to confidently and safely reach new audiences.”

Its partnership with Equativ comes on the heels of Seekr’s formal unveiling of Align, a leading AI-powered tool that enables advertisers to evaluate and rate podcast content at scale against unique brand safety and suitability criteria. The Align platform, which was introduced earlier this month, will soon expand to evaluate and score all types of web content – including audio, text and video – making it the most comprehensive and advanced multi-channel brand suitability tool on the market.

“Explainability and transparency are critically important in cultivating trust. Seekr’s brand suitability solution evaluates web-based content accurately, uniformly, and quickly, and importantly, it allows every stakeholder – advertisers, publishers, and other content producers – to understand exactly what factors are impacting content ratings,” said Rob Clark, President and Chief Technology Officer at Seekr. “We’re thrilled to integrate our brand suitability capabilities into Equativ’s platform, which runs more than 120 billion auctions daily. Our partnership with Equativ will allow more brands to maximize the impact of their advertising and reach new audiences, with the confidence that their investments are brand safe and brand aligned.”

About Equativ

Equativ is a leading independent ad tech platform built to serve the interests of both advertisers and publishers. Equativ provides brand and privacy-safe solutions that empower its clients to achieve maximum impact, while respecting the rights of consumers, and combines client expertise and engineering excellence to serve the interests of both the supply-side and demand-side with equal professionalism and technical sophistication.

Headquartered in Paris and New York, Equativ operates globally with a team of over 550 employees in 16 offices. Equativ offers the market its own independent ad server, SSP, buyer tools, and media services to fulfill the promise of advertising technology.

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About Seekr

Seekr is a privately held artificial intelligence company that identifies, rates, and generates reliable content at scale. Seekr’s trusted and responsible AI platform comprehensively and uniformly evaluates and rates each piece of content individually against objective, transparent, and explainable standards. Seekr is committed to building a web that people can trust.