London – 15th August 2023 – Equativ, the global leading independent ad platform, has announced a key partnership with Nano Interactive, leaders in ID-free ad targeting solutions. Under the agreement, all Equativ publisher domains will offer new intent-targeting solutions, without profiling or personal data, giving advertisers a powerful combination of premium media access with advanced contextual targeting.

Nano’s consumer intent algorithm combines real-time consumer journey data, on-page contextual analysis, and machine learning technology to deliver effective targeting without relying on cookies or any other personal identifiers. The Intent Library contains over 1,000 dynamic segments and supports over 100 languages, enabling Equativ to offer advertisers truly ID-free audience personas with customizable segmentation options.

Research conducted by Nano found that UK consumers are becoming increasingly privacy conscious, with 70% taking active steps to mask their personal information on the internet on a weekly basis or more often. Google’s confirmed roadmap for the deprecation of third-party cookies in 2024 is also expected to significantly impact advertisers’ ability to track and target individual users across the web. Advertisers are therefore actively seeking targeting solutions that can maximize reach and impact, while also respecting consumer privacy.

The partnership will initially be focused on the UK, France, and Germany, and will later be rolled out to Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Future growth opportunities will also be explored in the United States and Canada.

“Our partnership with Nano Interactive is driven by our shared commitment to providing privacy-first targeting solutions that meet the evolving needs of the industry,” says Matty Larkin, Team Director, Demand Partnerships at Equativ. “With this new solution, we are providing an efficient way forward for ID-free targeting that enables advertisers to reach refined audience segments using advanced contextual analysis and ensure maximum ad resonance, without compromising online privacy. At the same time, this allows better monetization for publishers, driving equal value on all sides of the programmatic ecosystem.”

Matthew Beck, VP Partnerships at Nano Interactive comments: “We’ve partnered with Equativ for its combination of premium media access and powerful curation tools. Advertisers will now have access to valuable audiences, at scale, without depending on any form of ID – providing a long-term targeting solution. What’s more, we have proven our solution drives impact across key brand metrics, supporting the growing attention economy.”