Integral Ad Science (IAS) pre-bid targeting segments offer Equativ Buyer Connect (EBC) users a wide choice for creating packages according to quality criteria (brand safety, brand suitability, contextual targeting, viewability, and fraud protection).

Paris, June 27, 2024 – Equativ, the leading global independent adtech platform, today announces the availability of Integral Ad Science (IAS) pre-bid targeting categories on Equativ Buyer Connect (EBC). IAS, a leading global media measurement and optimization platform, will use its predictive technology to allow EBC users (agencies, publishers, and curators) to create inventory packages based on media quality criteria that protect the brand and maximize return on investment (ROI) for campaigns.

Four main families of targeting and optimization are reinforcing the current solutions on EBC, namely:

  • An extra layer for brand safety and suitability, fostering tailor-made risk control used to exclude any undesirable category or content.
  • Contextual targeting, through the provision of more than 350 additional contextual segments, without the need for cookies.
  • Viewability, ensured for display and video on the web and in-app.
  • Protection against invalid traffic (IVT) and fraud.

“This new integration allows advertisers and publishers the ability to apply IAS select pre-bid segments to programmatic private marketplace deals they create within the Equativ Curation Platform,” said Csaba Szabo, Managing Director EMEA, IAS. “This helps advertisers conveniently overlay precise contextual segments onto their private marketplaces (PMPs), to reach their audiences right at the source and drive superior results for their campaigns.”

“We are very pleased to announce the integration of IAS pre-bid targeting segments. Through this partnership, Equativ reaffirms the interoperable nature of its solution and its desire to work with key players in our market. Whether on viewability, brand safety, contextual targeting, and many other quality criteria, Equativ partners with the best technologies to offer the most complete and accessible curation platform,” said Parag Vohra, CRO at Equativ.

IAS pre-bid targeting segments are available to EBC users based in France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

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