Programmatic software and adtech platform leaders unite to transform digital ad ecosystem  and enable new opportunities for cannabis brands and endemic publishers

Walnut Creek, CA – October 6, 2021 – MediaJel, the leading digital marketing and programmatic  software platform for regulated brands, today announced an exclusive partnership with Smart AdServer,  the premier independent ad monetization platform. With a shared vision to level-set the adtech  ecosystem, MediaJel and Smart intend to dismantle inconsistent and costly barriers, imposed by  traditional adtech, that stymie media opportunities for cannabis and CBD. 

Together, MediaJel and Smart plan to build an unrivaled community of endemic cannabis publishers  rooted in solid compliance, data ownership, and ad value optimization strategy. Powered by Smart’s  technology, MediaJel’s programmatic solutions will help cannabis brands and dispensaries, of all sizes  and geographies, gain direct and cost-efficient access to proprietary digital ad inventory, first-party data  ownership, attribution transparency, and extensive right-fit audience reach. For Smart’s publisher  clients, this partnership also represents the opportunity of direct access to a new source of demand and  a privileged relationship with advertisers within a fast-growing market.

“Simply put, this partnership will be transformational for both brands and publishers,” said Jake Litke,  MediaJel’s Chief Executive Officer. “We founded MediaJel with a clear mission to level the digital playing  field for companies hindered by fraud fears, ad safety concerns, and compliance hurdles. We’re thrilled  to work with Smart toward achieving that goal. With this collaboration, we’re going to reset global  adtech so that brands and publishers can fully engage in – and equitably benefit from – the exponential  growth of cannabis and its related markets,” continued Litke.

“Never before has one simple base product, that spans so many brand verticals, been stonewalled by  such onerous regulations and narrow media access. We’re pleased to work with MediaJel to help  connect cannabis marketers with relevant quality publishers to reach their high-value audiences.”  said Michael Sadicario, Managing Director Americas for Smart.

By reimagining and building anew, MediaJel and Smart will deliver end-to-end adtech solutions that  bring advertisers closer to publishers and create shared-interest opportunities. The simplicity-driving  impacts of this unique partnership will ensure that cannabis brands and dispensaries have the tools they  need to maximize their advertising dollars as they increase brand awareness, drive sales, and cultivate  consumer loyalty.

About MediaJel 

MediaJel helps regulated brands and retailers engage ideal target consumers and curate valued  relationships at every stage of the digital buyer’s journey. Its purpose-built data management platform  provides digital marketing and advertising software solutions for the cannabis, CBD, and alcohol  industries. leverages proprietary technology tools, unique data, and actionable analytics to  execute high-performance programmatic, Google Ads, and paid search campaigns as well as SEO,  website design, and content. With data ethics and transparency at the core of its business, MediaJel  delivers trusted compliant and brand-safe digital solutions worldwide. For more information, visit or follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

About Smart

Smart is the leading independent adtech platform built to serve the interests of both buyers and publishers. Smart’s fully transparent platform and shared-interest business approach enables brands and premium publishers to get their fair share of ad value at every opportunity, on their terms. Brands can achieve greater efficiency through their advertising spend, and publishers can act with certainty and have the control they need to provide the right blend of transaction models, channels, formats, and audience data to deliver true value path optimization to brands.

Smart works directly with hundreds of buyers and more than 1,000 publishers worldwide including Meredith, Insider, The Guardian, Cafe Media, Groupe Marie Claire, Le Figaro, Altice, and PlutoTV to deliver display, video, native, and rich-media ads to over 50,000 sites and apps. The company operates 12 offices worldwide and leads the charge in building a transparent ecosystem based on quality.