Smart AdServer enables publishers to enter the era of programmatic premium on Mobile

Paris, January 22, 2015 – Smart AdServer, the premium integrated ad serving and RTB platform, is launching its solution specifically for mobile deals to monetize website and in-App inventories of publishers with programmatic.

Just like with web inventories, you’ll be able to generate two types of mobile deals:

  • Direct deals: publishers can grant a first-look at a mobile inventory, to buyers they have negotiated with a set CPM, whether this is exclusive or not.


  • Private auctions: publishers can grant a first-look at a mobile inventory, to a limited number of buyers they have negotiated with a floor price.

Once the terms of the deals with their buyers are signed, publishers can activate their deals in the Smart RTB+ interface, in just 2 steps: setting of the Deal-ID and then, of the criteria (targeting, format, exclusivity, etc.). Mobile Deals are available for banner & interstitial formats.

«Smart RTB+ enables publishers to combine programmatic efficiency and higher CPM of direct sales, which are key towards better monetization standards of their mobile inventory.Cyrille Geffray, Managing Director de Smart AdServer

About Smart AdServer (
Created in 2001, Smart AdServer is a premium, integrated ad serving and RTB advertising platform.

It allows publishers to monetize all digitals channels, online, mobile and video. Thanks to its innovative technology and integrated, high quality service, Smart AdServer has already developed a loyal client base of over 400 users, located across 5 continents. It operates 10 offices worldwide covering Europe, North America and Latina America

Contact Smart AdServer: Céline Poindron – – Tel. +33 1 53 57 79 69