Smart AdServer has been chosen by RPA Media Place, the new Argentine PMP, for all Mobile & Video inventory

Buenos Aires, September 2015. Argentina’s largest media groups – Grupo Clarín, Infobae, La Nación, Perfil y Telefe – are forging an alliance in order to open their programmatic inventories within a new Marketplace, RPA Media Place. They have selected Smart AdServer as the advertising platform for Video & Mobile formats.

Following in the footsteps of other private marketplaces such as La Place Media and Audience Square in France, or Pangaea in England (alliance between CNN International, Financial Times, Reuters and The Guardian), the Grupo Clarín, Infobae, La Nación, Perfil and Telefe are joining forces and founding a Private Marketplace in order to maximize the benefits of automated averdtising sales.

“These groups are well-known to the general public. Their brands are very popular and have established relationships of trust with the public that are reinforced daily. We can safely say that these brands are Brand Safe.” said Alejandro Alvarez, CEO of RPA Media Place.

RPA Media Place offers the Open Market, as well as Private Auctions, a premium audience inventory that reaches 93.6% of all Argentine web users (source: ComScore), which will be qualified by a DMP.

“We are very proud of this partnership. It reflects Smart AdServer’s aim to return control to premium publishers, enabling them to optimally benefit from the programmatic switch and maximize revenue, particularly in terms of strategic Mobile & Video inventories that reach the highest number of CPMs” said Cyrille Geffray, CEO of Smart AdServer.

RPA Media Place has chosen Smart AdServer as the online advertising platform for Mobile & Video inventories. Almost all Video & Mobile formats (standard & Rich Media) that are sold directly by these publishers will be available programmatically.

About Smart AdServer:

By integrating functionality that enables auctions, forecasting, and custom ad units – including mobile and video – within its platform, Smart AdServer puts publishers back in control. Smart AdServer technology enables publishers to maximize yield in both premium and programmatic without spending on third party vendors. Founded in 2001, and with offices in 10 countries, Smart AdServer works with more than 450 publishers around the world and is the privileged partner of premium media companies who emphasize their strategic autonomy, including Beyazperde Hi Media, Axel Springer, Tomorrow Focus Media, SFR, Orange, Le Figaro, Le Monde, IQ Digital, and L’Equipe.

Smart AdServer Press Contact: Céline Poindron – +33 (0)1 53 57 79 69