Smart AdServer is launching a new cross-platform video solution

Paris, December 3, 2013 – Smart AdServer, the advertising technology platform, premium ad server and RTB provider, is announcing the launch of its integrated, multi screens video solution.
Smart AdServer is expanding its range of services with this new solution that enables publishers to efficiently monetize their video inventory across all web-based and mobile devices.
The main advantages of this new solution are its cross-platform capability and its ease of implementation:

  • It includes two new plug-ins (Flash and HTML5) and two video players. These modules support VAST 3.0 and VPAID 2.0. They enable the distribution of overlays and pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll formats, with several advanced options.
  • It is compatible with the main video platforms on the market (Brightcove, JW, Flowplayer, and Ooyala for example), and can be integrated into all types of custom players.The Video service has certain options that the Smart AdServer solution already provides (such as inventory forecasting, programming, and passback management), as well as video- specific functionalities: coding, generating distribution rules, events and visibility reporting.As this new product is fully integrated into the Smart AdServer package, publishers can now manage display, rich media, and video advertising campaigns on a single platform.”We aim to become the leading independent technology for monetizing all kinds of premium digital content. By offering a single entry point for managing direct and automated sales on all screens and all platforms, we’re enabling clients to once again master their entire inventory, including video inventory. We’re helping clients boost their sales.adds Cyrille Geffray, Chief Executive Officer of Smart AdServer.
    From the beginning of next year, this solution will be expanded. It will be included in the Smart AdServer RTB+ offer, in partnership with the main DSP videos on the market.
    For more information on the Video solution.

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    Smart AdServer is an integrated advertising management platform with premium ad serving and RTB. It enables publishers to monetize all digital, web, mobile, and video channels. Smart AdServer was founded in 2001. With its innovative technology, integrated solutions, and service quality, Smart AdServer already has over 400 clients across five continents, with 11 offices around the world.