Smart AdServer launches an original programmatic rich media solution

Paris, 14 September 2015 – At dmexco, Smart AdServer, the direct and programmatic advertising platform, announced that its publishers can now extend their rich media format sales to programmatic channels.
In the programmatic advertising market, it is increasingly common to combine performance and branding rationale. Buyer interest in rich media formats has also clearly increased since the beginning of 2015. During the first half-year, the volume of inventory available for rich media formats quintupled on the Smart RTB+ platform.

To meet the expectations of its publishers, Smart AdServer has launched an original solution that enables them to increase their programmatic sales with rich media:

  • By monetizing rich media “standard” formats with Smart RTB+

Rich media formats that have been available in the Smart AdServer platform for several years now, such as

are designed to be compatible with programmatic technologies. Publishers can effortlessly offer the option of purchasing these formats programmatically. These are formats that they have sold via direct channels for a long time, to generate additional sales.

  • By creating unique rich media templates that are compatible with Smart RTB+

In addition to the pre-existing formats, publishers can now design their own rich media advertising formats and offer them to programmatic buyers via Smart RTB+, thereby providing completely personalized advertising experiences. This option offers publishers completely new opportunities and a significant source of revenue.

Programming these Rich Media campaigns in Smart RTB+ is as easy as programming direct campaigns.
Of course, these rich media formats that are sold programmatically are compatible with deals and open auctions. This allows the publisher to have complete control over sales strategy.
For purchases, the advertiser just has a single design to provide. Smart RTB+ manages all the complexity of displaying formats.
About Smart AdServer:
By integrating functionality that enables auctions, forecasting, and custom ad units – including mobile and video – within its platform, Smart AdServer puts publishers back in control. Smart AdServer technology enables publishers to maximize yield in both premium and programmatic without spending on third party vendors. Founded in 2001, and with offices in 10 countries, Smart AdServer works with more than 450 publishers around the world and is the privileged partner of premium media companies who emphasize their strategic autonomy, including Beyazperde Hi Media, Axel Springer, Tomorrow Focus Media, SFR, Orange, Le Figaro, Le Monde, IQ Digital, and L’Equipe.

Smart AdServer Press Contact: Céline Poindron – +33 (0)1 53 57 79 69