London, UK Sept 29th 2021: IP protection company White Bullet and independent ad tech platform Smart AdServer today announce a global partnership designed to help eradicate the scourge of piracy from the global media landscape. 

White Bullet’s platform detects piracy across multiple digital ecosystems, remaining up-to-date in real-time, and tracking advertising and financial impact – with AI and machine learning taking the strain. As the first SSP to integrate this solution, Smart goes a step further in putting traffic and ad quality at the core of its advertising platform to safeguard media buyers from funding illegal activities with their digital advertising budget. The real-time, 24/7 integration of platforms will reduce the need for manual tasks to a minimum for all parties involved in Smart’s marketplace at a time when pirates are getting more sophisticated by investing in technology to stay hidden.

In this way, both partners are setting out to protect everyone in the market. On a joint mission to put an end to the funding of piracy globally, Smart and White Bullet are investing in automation and dynamic processes to fight piracy at the scale required to drive true transparency and quality in the digital landscape.

“We are delighted to be working together with Smart AdServer,” says Peter Szyszko, founder and CEO, White Bullet. “Our missions are truly aligned, making this a partnership which will help to fight piracy at scale, globally – thanks to technology and innovation, and which will no doubt result in a healthier marketplace for all.”

Jean-Christophe Peube, senior vice president, analytics and customer experience at SmartAdServer, comments: “We are committed to providing our clients with a transparent, integrated platform which simplifies digital transactions and ensures trust through brand safety and efficiency. We are excited to be the first SSP to fight piracy at scale with White Bullet, with this partnership representing an important step forward in our mission to build an ad environment founded upon quality and integrity. Together, we are investing to protect advertisers and brands by stamping out the piracy bug and ensuring a fair, transparent ecosystem in which all parties can trade safely and securely.”

White Bullet has already prevented millions of pounds of ad spend from funding piracy by collaborating with brands, advertisers, regulators and rights owners. By connecting rights owners and the advertising industry with real-time data about piracy risk, so all parties can take action, its solutions allow clients to understand the universe of piracy and to stop it from generating revenue.

About White Bullet Solutions

Founded in 2013 by a leadership team of experienced Intellectual Property lawyers from the media and advertising industries, White Bullet offers companies piracy risk data and protection, brand safety solutions, and full transparency on their advertising placement and digital supply chains.

White Bullet works collaboratively with brands, policymakers, and the advertising industry to safeguard advertising spend and prevent ad placements from appearing on IP Infringing domains and apps. White Bullet is a certified anti-piracy solutions provider under the advertising industry regulator TAG and is a stakeholder to the EU Commission Memorandum of Understanding on Advertising and IPR.

White Bullet comprises IP experts and dedicated technical engineers who specialize in AI, big data models, and predictive machine learning. The team includes highly skilled investigators and data analysts experienced in tackling the funding and distribution of pirated content.  With offices in London, New York, and Los Angeles, White Bullet advises policymakers and government bodies on regulatory and compliance programmes globally.

About Smart

Smart is the leading independent adtech platform built to serve the interests of both buyers and publishers. Smart’s fully transparent platform and shared-interest business approach enables brands and premium publishers to get their fair share of ad value at every opportunity, on their terms. Brands can achieve greater efficiency through their advertising spend, and publishers can act with certainty and have the control they need to provide the right blend of transaction models, channels, formats, and audience data to deliver true value path optimization to brands.

Smart works directly with hundreds of buyers and more than 1,000 publishers worldwide including Meredith, Insider, The Guardian, Cafe Media, Groupe Marie Claire, Le Figaro, Altice, and PlutoTV to deliver display, video, native, and rich-media ads to over 50,000 sites and apps. The company operates 12 offices worldwide and leads the charge in building a transparent ecosystem based on quality.