Smart launches unprecedented Holistic+ offering to bring transparent unified auction to Publishers

PARIS — September 12th, 2018 — Smart, the holistic ad monetization platform, has launched Holistic+, a solution that enables a transparent unified auction across all sales channels including header bidding to help publishers maximize the value of every single impression and boost their overall revenue. Holistic+ enables publishers to control their monetization strategy and gain greater flexibility in choosing their sources of demand.

With this new solution, Smart is able to organize a fully transparent and seamless competition between all demand partners (DSP, SSP, ad networks) regardless of whether they are on the client side or server side. This goes one step further from Smart’s current holistic yield offer which ensures the best allocation between direct and programmatic, by adding header bidding into the competition for the first time.

Holistic+ allows publishers to benefit from unified bidding, without specific integration into the ad-server. Eliminating the complexity of integrating header bidding in the ad decisioning allows publishers to have full control and full transparency across all their monetization. The header bidding is directly taken into account, without going through a complex programming process of campaigns. In addition, this solution solves the consolidation issues of “Header Bidding” reporting: with Holistic+, publishers are able to see in real-time how all channels perform within a dynamic holistic dashboard and they can go deep in the analysis thanks to granular big data reporting.

“The advertising industry is going through constant change, particularly with the rise of header bidding and programmatic deals. One of the major challenges for our management is to optimize our revenues while enhancing our inventory through these levers of monetization. Not to mention while responding to the question on the value of our average price per page,” explained Ali Koné, Director of Advertising Operations, Marie Claire Group.

“With Holistic+, Smart is helping us with both revenue optimization and performance monitoring. The new holistic dashboard allows us to visualize all key indicators of our campaigns and to understand the fill rate, the real value of our advertising space regardless of the sales channel (direct, programmatic and even issue of the header bidding). It’s a great time-saver for teams and a way to control the results of our operations more effectively,” added Koné.

“Holistic+ is a central offer in what we call the ‘Private Garden’ for publishers. Publishers get to benefit from the power of a full-stack integration, namely Ad-server and SSP, combined with Header Bidding, regardless of whether it’s integrated on the client or server side. By enabling publishers to work seamlessly with any monetization partner, we empower premium publishers and give them the ability to regain control on their monetization. To date, there is no industry equivalent to Holistic+ as a solution,” said Arnaud Créput, CEO of Smart.

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Smart is a fully transparent ad monetization platform built for premium publishers to serve demanding buyers. Our unique holistic and flexible approach gives full control back to publishers by driving performance and value of their loyal audience. Demand and data agnostic, Smart empowers publishers to maximize yield through all sales channels, ad products, and screens. Smart works directly with more than 1,000 publishers worldwide including TracFone, Le Monde and Wine Enthusiast to deliver display, video, native, and rich-media ads to over 50,000 sites and apps. Ranked on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA, with 11 offices and 215 employees worldwide, Smart leads the charge in building a transparent ecosystem based on quality. Smart is a “GDPR ready” company as certified by independent data protection specialist, ePrivacy GmbH.

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