Life At Equativ


At Equativ, we are committed to building a dynamic workplace where well-being comes first, authenticity and differences are celebrated, and innovation and learning are at the core of what we do. As a member of the Equativ team, you’ll join a talented collective who uphold these shared values.

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  • Empower everyone
  • Lead by trust & autonomy
  • Promote ownership
  • Strive for continuous improvement


  • Encourage work-life balance
  • Promote DE&I
  • Cultivate a friendly environment
  • Operate with integrity & transparency


  • Encourage collaboration
  • Promote global programs
  • Celebrate team successes
  • Maximize synergies between teams and service lines


Our People Pillars

We also believe everyone should be happy and fulfilled at work. For us, this goes beyond just the walls of our offices. These principles reflect our core values as members of the Equativ team and is what unites us together.

Our decades long success is a testament to the dedication and expertise of our passionate, curious, and skilled teams. We are committed to nurturing an environment where continuous learning empowers everyone to thrive in their role and learn from one another.

At Equativ, we take care to heart. We make real efforts to build a healthy and collaborative workplace that always considers environmental and social responsibility. Compassion is at the core of all we do both in and out of the office!

As a forward-thinking tech company, human imagination is at the heart of everything we do. We love creating spaces where creative thinking, embracing change, and seeking new and innovative ways to problem solve take the front seat. 

Our Benefits


To help you live your best life both in and outside the workplace, we offer great benefits including:

  • Flexible work schedules
  • Generous paid time off
  • Ongoing learning opportunities at all levels
  • Family-focused leave benefits
  • Country-specific pension plans
  • A company-wide Globetrotter program
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Certified by our employees as a great place to work

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Certified by our employees as a great place to work in the HappyIndex at Work

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Certified by our employees as a great place to work in TechAtWork index

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Certified by our employees for proactive social and environmental initiatives in the WeImpact Index

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94% of our reviewers would recommend us to a friend.

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If you join us, get ready to take advantage of the many events organized by the CSE.

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“Our company values are truly core elements of the culture here.”

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