SSP Marketplace


Premium audience data at your fingertips

Looking for a way to easily reach your audience at scale? We’ve got you covered.
Transact the way you want through PMPs, PG, Direct Deals, or open auction. Our cookieless-ready SSP marketplace offers a single point to access unlimited premium supply and audience data.

We offer:

  • Easy access to unlimited premium supply & audience data
  • The ability to transact your way
  • A brand-safe environment
  • Privacy compliance

SSP For Publishers


A unified solution to optimize revenue

We provide direct access to premium demand via top DSP, brand, and agency relationships. Our SSP guarantees you operational efficiency and full control. Optimize your performance through data-driven decisioning and advanced privacy-first solutions.

iconFirst in-app monetization platform in Europe

Let us put our expertise to work for you. We manage over 100B in-app auctions per month with more than 70 integrated DSPs delivering qualitative campaigns.

iconEasy-to-use formats to best fit your content

Leverage our ready-to-use format library or the option to create your own.

iconA state-of-the-art SDK at your service

Easy integration offers optimal monetization while giving you full flexibility and control.

SSP + Ad Server


Optimize your demand path

Tired of working with walled gardens? We’re the independent alternative. Our integrated, flexible ad management platform gives you complete control over your most critical assets – data, audiences, and content.

We guarantee the maximum value of every single impression through holistic yield monetization and a truly unified auction to help you optimize revenue. You can relax knowing our robust brand safety and real-time ad quality control measures are among the best in the market.

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iconDirect access to Google AdX demand and DV360 (direct PG integration)

iconCookieless solution support

iconNon-consent inventory monetization with performance targeting capabilities

iconReal-time ad auction-level analytics suite

iconCustom ad integration & templates