In the corporate world, there is often a lot of emphasis on the traditional benefits offered to employees – things like salary, meal vouchers, and office perks are all commonly advertised. But, what truly matters is the promise a company extends to its employees from the moment they step through the door.

Clarity on what a company truly offers its employees in terms of the overall work environment and experience is often overlooked, yet is one of the most important pieces of information a candidate can weigh when deciding whether or not to join a company. Having a strong Employee Value Proposition (EVP) can help provide this transparency.

An EVP is a pledge that encompasses employee culture, growth opportunities, avenues for learning, and material offerings like benefits and compensation. To grasp its significance, we can compare it to how a company markets its products or services. Just as a business strives to assure customers that its offerings will perform strongly and enhance their lives, employers should think the same way.

By recognizing the importance of conveying a compelling narrative to potential hires, candidates and employers both ultimately benefit. Selling a job to a candidate isn’t merely about the role itself; it’s about painting a vivid picture of the workplace culture and progressional landscape they’ll be a part of. When candidates accept a role with a full understanding of what their future holds, they’re likely to be more fulfilled and productive in the workplace. This, in turn, helps employers with retention and maintaining a healthy work culture.

Here at Equativ, we recently embarked on a journey to formally articulate our EVP. While we previously did not have anything spelled out specifically in the form of a promise, we knew it already existed and just needed to be formally defined. To do so, we leaned into what we inherently felt was present and what was at the essence of what our employees experience daily. We also wanted to ensure it resonated with both current and prospective employees, as we understand that an EVP is a promise to everyone within the organization. As a result, authenticity and real-life experiences serve as the cornerstones of our EVP.

Unlike many companies that opt to take shortcuts in defining their EVP, we recognize that such an approach is short-sighted and unsustainable in the long run. Stay tuned for a future post where we’ll break down the specific steps we took to uncover and formalize our EVP here at Equativ. In the meantime, check out what some of our employees had to say about our EVP pillars.

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