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Take your video advertising on CTV & digital to the next level with a personalized approach that drives engagement and conversions.

Using a mixture of dynamic creative enhancements, scalable audience data, and proprietary contextual alignments, we can help you transform an ad experience into a true voter connection.

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Our political advertising experts have deep insights into media campaign strategy, options for audience data onboarding, best practices for targeting and segmentation, and a holistic view of how to best deploy campaign dollars for maximum effect.


Press Your Addressable Advantage

Soon, a cookieless future may really be our new reality. Embracing a cookieless future in your voter outreach strategy requires adapting to new technologies and methods for understanding and reaching your target audiences.

That’s why we’ve done the work for you and have developed a comprehensive range of high-precision, privacy-first ID strategies. 

Based on a variety of key attributes (registered voters by affiliation, by location or demographic, commitment toward key issues, etc.) and with the help of our first-party based, premium data partnerships, our solutions will help provide a tailored and relevant communication experience to your voter audience at every step.

Our featured data partnerships


Our partnership with LiveRamp, a leading data collaboration platform, gives you the tools to activate your first-party data across our platform for custom audience creation and targeting. 

  • Engage the right audiences across all channels and devices, and optimize media spend, while also benefiting from strong security and privacy control measures with RampID, LiveRamp’s people-based identifier
  • Activate data segments from hundreds of third-party vendors through LiveRamp’s expansive integrated partner network through LiveRamp’s Data Marketplace
  • Build new fundraising opportunities through our curation platform, Equativ Buyer Connect (EBC) with exclusive access to our premium inventory

Diversify Your Formats

With our industry-leading contextual video solutions and retargeting engine, you can deliver impactful videos for your candidate-driven or advocacy-focused initiatives.

Our political CTV, Online Video, and Display Auction Packages are designed to find and deliver key swing voting blocks at key intervals based on their media preferences.

Curated from premium national and local TV networks, our audience-based CTV inventory is the answer candidates and causes have been looking for this election season.

  • Only Premium Broadcast & Cable Networks on CTV Platforms
  • Multicultural Packages, Targetable By Geography
  • Voter-Intent Packages To Activate Late Deciders
  • Reputation Protection In Safe Environments
  • The Ease and Efficiency of Already Approved Networks

Treat Your Time Like Money

We built our turnkey multi-publisher PMPs to save you time and effort. These packages combine scale and accuracy to ensure your message stands out on every screen, every day.



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