Case Studies

Case Studies

Helping Publishers Implement the Criteo ID to Increase Revenue

Cookieless isn’t the future. It’s part of the present. We have several publishers who have begun testing the Criteo ID as an alternative ID solution. Here’s how we helped them implement it and the results we achieved.

Case Studies

How IMVU Partnered With Equativ To Create A First-Party Data Strategy

IMVU wanted to upgrade its ad server to better meet its targeting needs. Here’s how our ad server helped them utilize their first-party data in a simpler and more efficient way.

Case Studies

Amnet: Maximizing Awareness for a Leading Food Brand Through a 96% VCR

How Amnet engaged Equativ to achieve a 96% video completion rate for their client on a branding video campaign in four key markets.

Case Studies

How A Large Pharmaceutical Company Used SBC to Reach US Hispanic Audiences

How a large pharmaceutical company increased its brand awareness by using Smart Buyer Connect to target US Hispanic audiences on in-stream video inventory.

Case Studies

How Fan Controlled Football Partnered with Smart to Manage and Increase Ad Inventory

How Fan Controlled Football engaged Smart to help manage direct-sold media demand and access incremental demand to increase monetization.

Case Studies

Q&A: How Smart and Primis Partner to Help Video Publishers

Over the course of a little more than two years, we’ve worked closely with Primis to launch multiple integrations ranging from tags to both client and server-side header bidding. See how our partnership has helped publishers optimize their revenues.

Case Studies

How Smart Buyer Connect Helped targeting360 GmbH Increase Traffic Volume

How targeting360 GmbH used Smart Buyer Connect to complement their open auction activities with deal buying to drive results and save time.

Case Studies

TimeOne: Increasing Qualified Traffic Through Semantic Contextual Targeting

How Smart helped TimeOne use semantic contextual targeting to achieve better performance with above-average CTRs and greater profitability.

Case Studies

366 and Havas: Enabling Campaign Achievement Through Programmatic Deals

How 366 and Havas used Smart’s SSP and programmatic deals to run a successful campaign for a major French financial/online gaming advertiser.