Cutting campaign emissions by about 25%, Havas and Havas City Nantes have proven the power of precise carbon measurement in enabling more sustainable online advertising; creating a template for data-based optimization that meets both business and planet-preserving goals.

We are pleased to announce the results of partnering with Havas in using granular emissions calculation on display and video campaigns to ensure minimal environmental impact. Reporting an average of 25% total reduction in carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), the project is a promising step forward for enabling effective, long-term decarbonization of the supply chain.

As a leading advocate of quality, transparent digital advertising that drives ecosystem-wide value, and independent ad monetization we worked with expert sustainability consultancy BL évolution to design a carbon emissions calculator to measure the full energy footprint of an individual campaign, considering every stage of the programmatic chain from allocation (programmatic transactions) to distribution (ad content delivery) and display (ad content activation).

Thanks to this internalized carbon calculator we are able to provide comprehensive insight into impression-level Co2e – including the total number of CO2 emissions in comparison to the market average and the carbon CPM (number of kilograms of CO2 emitted per 1K impressions).

Leveraging this insight, we pinpointed targeted adjustments that would reach Havas’ campaign performance goals of high visibility and click-through rates, while reducing CO2e. Adaption covered multiple bases including: focusing on low-impact devices, such as smartphones and dividing the size of the creative assets to maintain rendering quality and minimize energy consumption.

As a result of these changes, CO2e levels were cut by 33% for the display campaigns. Thirty-seven kg were emitted for the display campaigns in comparison to 56 kg CO2e for the non-optimized campaigns. Video campaign emissions were lowered by 17% – from 252 kg CO2e for the non-optimized campaigns to 208 kg CO2e for those who benefited from sustainable targeting.

The results of our digital campaign speak volumes about its success and impact. The display campaign has demonstrated a commendable CTR of 0.11%, showcasing its effectiveness. Additionally, the digital video ad campaign has achieved an impressive VTR of 71%.

These outcomes demonstrate that environmentally conscious practices can seamlessly integrate with high-performance digital marketing. This alignment underscores our commitment to sustainability, without compromising the effectiveness of our campaigns, highlighting a harmonious balance between eco-friendly initiatives and successful marketing strategies.

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