Solutions to

Make The Most Of Your Investment

No matter which side of the ad tech ecosystem you’re on, we’ll help you enhance your strategies to realize the full potential of your investment.

Effortlessly Scale With Curation


Save time and set your own rules

Our curation platform was designed to be intuitive, yet powerful. Combine your data and inventory insights with our reach and SSP capabilities to create bespoke media products. It really is that easy.

Don’t want to create a trading desk? Want more control managing your direct publisher relationships? Wish you could create auction packages on your own terms?

Whether you’re an agency, publisher, data provider, or retailer, curation helps you put your data to work while increasing revenue and efficiency.

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Media Planning Made Easy


Actionable Insights = A Successful Campaign

Media planning is a critical first step in any campaign.

Understanding how consumers think and behave, the latest industry trends, and popular tactics for connecting with these key audiences will help you truly connect and engage with your audiences.

Our Research & Insights team makes it easy by combining expertise with global data from our SSP and insights from Global Web Index and other leading players to provide you with actionable and tailored insights to elevate all your campaigns.

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Sustainable Campaign Solutions

Lower Your CO2 Footprint Without Compromising Performance


We’ve developed a calculation methodology to measure and reduce the carbon impact of campaigns delivered through our programmatic solutions.

By choosing less energy-consuming delivery methods, you can develop a campaign setup that allows you to lower the CO2 footprint of your programmatic campaigns without compromising performance.

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Media + Data = Optimal Campaign Performance

Whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, we understand your data needs. We’ll help you find the best path for putting data to work.

Contextual Targeting

Hyper-target user interests with AI-powered semantic technology. Unique video and audio capabilities help achieve your KPIs.

First-Party Data Activation

Secure first-party data activation strategies are key to unlocking new revenue streams. Limitless targeting, analytics, and optimization use cases can help you put your data to work.

Performance Targeting

Don’t second-guess whether your ads are performing. You can rest assured knowing each impression counts by targeting specific KPIs.

Audience Targeting

Reach and engage audiences on your own terms. Leverage our robust data marketplace of pre-packaged audiences or let us create something custom for you.