Mobile Deals generate 40% of publishers’ mobile programmatic revenue worldwide in Smart RTB+

Paris, July 6, 2015 – Smart AdServer, direct and programmatic advertising platform, announces Mobile Deals have driven the growth of mobile programmatic revenues in 1H 2015 & already generate 40% of publishers’ mobile programmatic revenue worldwide in Smart RTB+.

Demand in Mobile Deals has soared by +360% between Q1 and Q2 2015 within Smart RTB+ platform.
Programmatic advertisers are increasingly looking for priority access to quality mobile inventory. Tabmo, a French independent mobile platform connected to Smart RTB+ since 2014, shares its experience:
“We have been bidding on Smart RTB+ Private Auction offers since the beginning of 2015. For more than 6 months now, the Private Auction / Direct deals offer has been constantly growing to reach nearly 40% of our total investments on Smart RTB+.
It has been a running demand of some of our advertisers to be able to get some more priority and transparency on the delivery than what we could have in open auction.
We now have Deal agreements with the main news publishers in France through Smart RTB+, we particularly appreciate the very good relations of Smart AdServer with publishers and the catalyst effect of their action to make collaborations easier.” Alexandre Schont, Business Development Manager at Tabmo.

Mobile deals have driven growth of mobile programmatic revenue in the first half of 2015.
Smart RTB+, which enables programmatic buyers to reach inventory of premium publishers with quality inventory, addressed this change of Demand quite well. Its Mobile Deals feature has met an exponential growth since its launch within the platform in late December 2014. Mobile Deals already generates 40% of publishers’ mobile programmatic revenue worldwide in Smart RTB+.

Indeed, Mobile Deals enable a virtuous circle of revenue generation. As the majority of deals are made for more impacting campaigns, with Rich Media, Video and more recently Native Ads, their bids are higher and usually top 10$ (i.e more than 4x average mobile CPM in open exchanges). This high average price urges publishers to open more valuable mobile placement to programmatic buyers. Programmatic advertisers, satisfied with premium context, tend to buy more volume and to raise their bids.
These promising first-half results lead to expect a booming 2015, marked with premium mobile programmatic ‘s real take- off.

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