Global Independent Adtech Platform Credits Advanced Ad Security Technology and Strict New Client Standards

[New York – London – Paris] – March 31, 2021 – According to advertising security leader, Confiant, Smart AdServer was shown to have the lowest security violations rate amongst sell side platforms in 2020.  Building upon its 2020 Demand Quality Report data, which includes more than 100 platforms across 650 million impressions monitored, Confiant assessed that Smart AdServer ranked top among the leading performers across the entire data set for the year.  Smart, a leading independent end-to-end adtech platform, announced today a 99.9 percent efficacy in detecting and eradicating malvertising before the malicious ads reach the publisher’s website.

This milestone marks a major achievement for Smart, and the world of adtech for any advertising platform, most especially one with a mission to provide premium ad serving and programmatic monetization solutions to both publishers and advertisers” said Jean-Christophe Peube, Vice President, Analytics & Quality. “We are very happy to be the most secure global SSP in the industry for preventing security issues and malicious threats. We could only reach this great result with the help of Confiant, combined with our continuous internal improvement processes”.


2020 Security Violation Rate by SSP – Confiant Demand Quality Report

 As reflected in this chart Smart AdServer has the lowest violation rate among the SSPs reviewed and where data is available.  To compile the research contained in the report, Confiant analyzes a normalized sample of more than 650 billion advertising impressions monitored from January 1 to December 31, 2020, from over 40,000 websites and apps. The data was captured by Confiant’s real-time creative verification solution measuring ad security and quality on live impressions (not sandbox scans) across devices and channels.

Smart AdServer has utilized Confiant, the leader in ad security, since 2016. Smart was motivated to seek out solutions to a complex and ever-growing labyrinth of ad security and quality problems including risks to users from malicious clickbait, forced redirects, and other quality and malvertising issues. As Peube describes, “It was no longer possible to operate without proper systems and technology to safeguard the quality of creatives served onto Smart’s marketplace.”

Smart’s goal is to provide the most direct link between media buyers and sellers to ensure quality and transparency. The partnership with Confiant reinforces a joint effort to address ad traffic and quality at the core of Smart’s operations.

Security is our bread and butter,” stated Louis David Mangin, CEO and Co-Founder of Confiant. “We are pleased to be a part of Smart’s success story, but even more so to know that our products led our client to 99 percent efficacy in combating malicious ads, while also protecting their revenue.”

According to Smart, the process of eradicating malvertising on their platform is due in part to Confiant’s platform, along with improved internal processes and procedures across Smart’s teams, and recent initiatives that incorporated a hardline stance on quality to drive behavioral change with partners and buyers. As a result, Smart has seen a reduction in customer complaints and an increase in returns.

We often hear that fraud is ‘a cost of doing business,’ We absolutely disagree and believe it’s something we should address and actively and collectively eradicate,” Peube concluded.

About Confiant, Inc.

Confiant’s mission is to make the digital world safe for everyone. We defend publishers and ad platforms by helping them take back control of the ad experience and protect their users. Our solution protects reputation, revenue, and resources by providing real-time verification of digital advertisements. Confiant’s technology actively blocks and detects malicious activity and low-quality ads. By providing industry-leading protection from malvertising, disruptive ads, and privacy risks Confiant empowers premium ad platforms and publishers with actionable data to ensure the digital ad ecosystem is safe and secure for everyone. We detect and protect billions of ad impressions per month for our clients, which include CBSinteractive, Magnite, Gannett, and Politico.

About Smart

Smart is the leading independent adtech platform built to serve the interests of both buyers and publishers. Smart’s fully transparent platform and shared-interest business approach enables brands and premium publishers to get their fair share of ad value at every opportunity, on their terms. Brands can achieve greater efficiency through their advertising spend, and publishers can act with certainty and have the control they need to provide the right blend of transaction models, channels, formats, and audience data to deliver true value path optimization to brands.

Smart works directly with hundreds of buyers and more than 1,000 publishers worldwide including Groupe Marie Claire, TracFone, Le Figaro, Leboncoin, Altice Media Publicité, and IMGUR to deliver display, video, native, and rich-media ads to over 50,000 sites and apps. Smart is ranked on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA and in the Financial Times’ FT 1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies. The company operates 12 offices worldwide and leads the charge in building a transparent ecosystem based on quality.