Our new video header format responds to advertiser demands to increase visibility and ad completion rates. The format, which can be stretched and pinned to the top of a webpage, combines performance with ease of use.

An advertiser can simply choose the format template on our platform and the rendering is automatically adapted to the page layout. This format is currently available on mobile web, direct via the ad server, and in programmatic via the SSP, and we’ll soon be extending it to all environments.

Advantages of the Video Header Ad Format

With the user journey being a key consideration in programmatic advertising, the outstream video player follows the scrolling of the page and is pinned in the header with an adaptable size. By keeping the video in the header despite the page scroll, you’ll achieve increased visibility and impressions without disrupting the user experience.

When positioned correctly, the header ad is one of the least intrusive formats because it allows publishers the ability to avoid blocking content from being played. As a result, you’ll increase clicks and full ad completion to ultimately increase your revenue.

All publishers looking for a quality video advertising experience can access this new format which means publishers, advertisers, and readers alike can expect quality performance and an elevated experience.

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